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Japanese version of Godzilla first time in 12 years for 2016 release!!

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Japan version of Godzilla first time in 12 years to manufacture! Stimulus to the Hollywood version of "not lose technology"

Pictures of the giant Godzilla head that appears in the Shinjuku Toho building of Kabukicho
Kabukicho huge Godzilla head pictures of which appear in Shinjuku Toho building (Toho offer)

New popular monster movie "Godzilla", which celebrated its 60th anniversary birthday this year I was supposed to be produced for the first time in 12 years. Toho has announced. And will be released in 2016. Currently, stories and staff, you have chosen the performer.  

In since '04 published "Godzilla FINAL WARS", total 29 work eyes. Opportunity of resurrection, and that Hollywood version that has been published in May this year to earn the box office 570 billion yen or more in all the world, even in Japan, was a big hit of the 3.2 billion yen. Toho has been described as "still Godzilla many requests from. Fans felt to have been loved, decided production".  

In previous work of production announcement, Toho is "as long as you do not find the new video expression future, new does not make" and affirm his retirement from the Godzilla of the screen. But in the last decade, technology has dramatically improved for processing the images, such as CG.

Toho is confident the "production cost 20 billion yen as Hollywood can not be over, but the time has come to you will not lose technically". I aim also the world public, such as North America and Asia.  In anticipation of it, it was decided to produce a full-scale "Godzilla head" in Shinjuku, Tokyo Kabukicho. On the 8th floor outdoor terrace of Shinjuku Toho building under construction in the old piece play site, and installation Godzilla image of the head (12 meters high). I to show off in front next year April. In order to set up an image of 12 meters on the ground about 40 meters of terrace, it is almost the same size as the height 50 meters original Godzilla. Investigators of the Japan National Tourist Office, Shinjuku place where foreign tourists visit the most in Japan. Toho is the "if accustomed to a new landmark of Japan", intends to be the new attractions.  

Following the 16 years new, Hollywood version of the sequel is published in '18. Godzilla Parliament so far, Tokyo Tower, destroy the landmark throughout Japan such as Osaka Castle. Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics of '20, in the new work, new National Stadium scheduled for completion in '19 as the main venue for the Olympics even I thought that be the target.  Godzilla this year

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