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Recipe for boiled soybeans

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Recipe for boiled soybeans
« on: July 27, 2011, 01:46:25 AM »
Wife prepared this...its a guide more than recipe...End result is you can use these things for so many dishes. Tonight she made a stir-fried vegetable salad we ate with rice using soybeans, carrots, sprouts, grilled tofu, sushito (like cross between hot peppers and okra). I added some Japanese mayo and tapatio, was amazing...will post later the curry she that was good. cool thing with soybeans is you can make stuff with all veggies or all kinds of meat and they taste great...the health benefits are amazing and you can eat on the cheap...

Tomorrow going to try merging soybeans and chick peas with oil, lemon and garlic for homemade hummous...

You can find boiled soybeans in a plastic package in Japanese or Asian market, or may be able to find canned in health food market ( make sure nothing in it like salt and tomato) but I recommend to prepare them by yourself because it’s way cheaper and you can get a lot for price.

You need

A package of dry soybeans
Plenty of water

1. Wash soybeans and remove dirt & loose hulls
2. Soak soybeans overnight with plenty of water at least 2” more than soybeans (remember beans expand) or at least 8 hours.
3. Put soybeans and soaking water in BIG bot. As they boil, water foams up at lot so it’s important you have plenty of space between top of water and rim of the pot used. Skim off white/gray thick stuff until it comes out much less.
4. Keep boiling 10 min on high temperature.

After this, you can keep cooking the beans on medium heat 2 to 3 hours until beans get soft in this case put heat-safe plate in the pot to keep the beans hull come off. Check white/grey staff and it shows up skim it off. It’s a lid type thing that goes right into the post so beans do not move around.

You are energy conscious and have time, try bath towel & thick Blanket method.

5. Cover the pot with its lid and take it off from the heat. Immediately wrap the pot first with bath towel then blanket completely & tightly from top to bottom. Careful not to spill any water. Some use newspaper and wrap the pot in newspaper, towel, and blanket order. Leave them as they are at room temperature about half day or beans get soft. Unless your room is really cold, soybeans get cooked this way!

Or if you have pressure cooker, you can cook them much faster. In that case, make sure not to put presser on until you finish #3 boil and skim off white/grey staff. Otherwise, your pressure cooker is covered with foam!

6. Let the beans cool down in water. They are ready to eat. To store them, make sure NOT to throw away the water. Store the beans with water, in fridge; you can keep it 5 days to a week (I think). You can freeze them too. Separate soybeans with water into freezer safe ziplock etc. Squeeze air out as much as possible and store them freezer flat.

You can use boiled beans for a lot of things. Into curry, stir-fry vegetable, salad, etc.

How to make boiled soybeans – Haruka Kitano

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