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BARBER SHOP - "Old School" L&R Barbershop

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BARBER SHOP - "Old School" L&R Barbershop
« on: March 24, 2011, 07:17:25 PM »
Visited this place today for the first time.  Rafael Victorin owns and cuts at the same chair for 15 years. Interesting thing is, the place has been a barber shop since 1940.

Rafael is an older gentleman who is a Master Barber in my book.  Please visit his shop and pay for a cut, it's only $12.00. Don't forget to tip...this guy is the heart and soul of a long gone America.

Near corner of Grandview Ave. and Venice Blvd.  Across from the hideous post office building.

L&R Barbershop
3823 Grandview Boulevard
Mar Vista, California 90066
Closed Sunday and Monday
Hours: 8am - 5pm
tel 310.390.1381

I mention this place because the Shitty of Los Angeles gave a license to "Floyd's" Barbershop just down the street.  Floyd's is a franchise, an ugly pathetic attempt at nostalgia.  The pathetic thing about Floyd's is the place is expensive and its crying out to be the real thing...when the real thing is half a block away and run by a very cool, guy...Rafael Victorin.

Please skip Floyd's and give Rafael your business.  If you tell him RJ sent you and you post here, I will give you a free DVD of Latin, Asian or Shemale porn.  Don't tell Rafael about the tranny stuff though.  Somehow, I dont think it is his groove, though I know he will fight to his last breath to have you enjoy it if thats what you like.  We like it so...  You DIG?!

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