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A special edition swipe card for Taiwan’s mass transit featuring the clothed image of a Japanese porn star sold out within hours overnight via a telephone hotline, despite a storm of opposition.

Taiwan’s EasyCard Corp said on its website that it sold its full run of 15,000 card sets by 4:18 a.m. Tuesday after phone orders started at midnight.

The stored value cards - also used for convenience store purchases - feature images of Yui Hatano, a 27-year-old ...
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This is a very funny albeit sad list of what sugar and your brain can make you do. I am not judging. I have been there with multiple items on the list.  :'(

1. As a poor university student I decided to spend the remainder of my money for the term on a Chinese takeaway. The hour came when the delivery driver came to my house and handed me my order. With much excitement I took the delivery and ran upstairs and sat in my darkened room. After opening the bag I realized they delivered the ...
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Anna Matsuda Rio Kamimoto Lesbian Sex
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HEAD Chikan
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JAV Idols Keiko Ito and Kokomi Hoshino of the JAVNETWORK.CO...
HEAD Chikan
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Japanese Lesbians no mosaic pussy play - Anna Matsuda, Rio Kamimoto
HEAD Chikan
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JAV Idol Amina Kiuchi has her legs spread wide open for sex toy play and Cock!
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One of Japan's top AV idol goes uncensored for the first time
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JAV Idol Anna Anjo, Gokuchiku bukkake BDSM Slut Dungeon GangBang
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