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« on: February 08, 2018, 09:54:05 AM »

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Hentai Guys in Japan News
Panty Snatchers in Tokyo Are Stepping Up Their hentai Game

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FETISH / Panty Snatchers in Tokyo Are Stepping Up Their hentai Game
« on: July 04, 2017, 08:11:28 PM »
Panchira or panty-peeking is a hobby of mine. I admit it. Often I do not have to do much I tell you. Lots of girls are willing to oblige and the drunker they get on a weekend party night in Shinjuku, the wider those legs happily spread.
The guy below, Shigeru Kobayshi has another game entirely. Panty snatching is on the rise and is an increasingly popular pastime and fetish for Japanese guys.

Over the last year there have been reports of TV talento, comedians, celebrities and delivery men all caught in the act of stealing their object of desire. (下着泥棒, panty thief) is not a name you want to be associated with. Personally, I cannot understand it. So much security throughout Japan and most of all, much of the time the thieves are stealing panties that have been washed and cleaned and are hanging out to dry. Boring to me.

I would never do such a thing but I can see the fetish aspect of guy's running up behind girls on the street and relieving them of their panties. This also happens like 下着泥棒 but seems to happen more in waves and less frequently. That sounds like a pervert's dream though I am sure it is not appreciated by the ladies. For me, I just go to M Life and buy a pair for 1000 yen. They are used, not washed and come with a photo. Perfect.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have seized about 2,000 pairs of women’s underwear from a 61-year-old man accused of theft earlier this year, reports TV Tokyo (July 4).

At 1:45 p.m. on April 17, Shigeru Kobayashi, an employee of a printing company living in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, allegedly stole nine pairs of undergarments, including stockings, hanging out to dry at a costume rental company in the Higashi Nippori area of Arakawa Ward.

“I stole them to wear them,” the suspect was quoted by the Arakawa Police Station.

According to police, eyewitnesses had reported seeing a man behind the wheel of truck for a printing company committing thefts. Kobayashi became a person of interest after an examination of security camera footage.

A search of Kobayashi’s residence revealed about 2,000 pairs of women’s underwear and other clothing. The suspect told police that he started stealing the garments about 20 years ago, according to TV Asahi (July 4).

Police are investigating the suspect for potential involvement in other crimes.

下着泥棒, panty thief

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