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Where to buy Porn? / Valentines Day Sale - Give the Gift of JAV
« on: February 08, 2018, 09:54:05 AM »

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Catch The JuicyBunny JAV End of Year Mega Sale! Ends 1/1/2018

Love how ass-pirate Zachary Moreno pretends to be a friend of content owners when for years he ran a dedicated piracy forum on

I think it will cut traffic by all the non-payers. What do you think?

We removed the board for several days. Maybe next step is to take a look at his pals.

We'll be posting screenshots of Mr. Moreno's forum where pirated JAV videos were offered for download from various sites. It is no secret that hundreds of Japanese AV videos, most belonging to Dream Room Productions and other Japanese companies were available for download at the forum of They were available along with thousands of other JAV videos until the site was reported to DRP and DTI and Mr. Moreno was forced to close the forum and remove hundreds if not thousands of links.

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