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Tokyo Voyeur / Working Late At Night, A Female Voyeur’s Opportunity to Cum
« Last post by HEAD Chikan on August 11, 2017, 10:26:21 AM »
Working Late At Night, A Female Voyeur’s Opportunity to Cum

“I’d screwed up at work and to make it up I had to stay late at the office one night.” So the story begins of an “anonymous” contributor in the July issue of a women’s soft porn magazine, Renai Tengoku as it was reported to Shukan Bunshun. (August 8th)

It was almost 10 pm so I decided to take a break. I went out into the hall and got a coffee. I took it out to the stairwell for a breath of fresh air. I was enjoying the cool breeze of the night air as it cooled my skin. I looked down and could see my nipples growing big and pressing hard against my shirt. The night air was really having an affect on  me. A moment later I heard a woman gasp from the landing below. I went to the edge of the steps and peered over. I saw my co-worker, Miss P. embracing and kissing one of the junior managers, Mr. H. He was deep French kissing her and groping her body everywhere. It was shameful for me to watch but I could not help myself.

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