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EX-PATS - How Do You Make Your American Style Burgers Away from the US?

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Ex-pats - Wherever you are, it can be a challenge to make your favorite burger sometimes.

What do you do when your new home country cannot deliver a decent burger and you decide to make it yourself?
I should have taken some pics but the burgers disappeared too fast.

What's your favorite recipe?
Here's mine. For 2 people

1 onion
2 piman (mini green peppers)
3 erangi or shitake mushrooms
1 pound of beef, or pork/beef mixture
   burger rolls, seeded
   french brown mustard
   olive oil
   red chilies
   Italian cooking salt - (like Mrs Dash)
   cheese, Camembert is great
Chop and dice the onions, piman, erangi into small pieces.

Best is gas stove if you have it. Add olive oil, 4-5 tablespoons to a 8-10 inch saucepan, heat saucepan and let it start to pop. Add vegetables, stir-fry until start to brown the edges. Set aside. Add the burger patties to the now empty saucepan
We keep the stir fry by putting them in a container inside the microwave and shut the door. Works for awhile.

Add pepper and cooking salt to burgers and flip. Repeat a couple of times, add the cheese, in thin slices and cover.

Toast the buns or use them fresh. Seems burger buns are everywhere now. If not, French rolls or even bread slices work well also.

Remove burgers from saucepan, add to buns, add the warm toppings and condiments to choice.

If you live someplace that sells french fries small toaster ovens work great. We get our fries locally by making them from potatoes. We also have a shop that sells Australian, Canadian and EU goods that usually offer some nice choices.

Served with cold beer, tea, wine or even hot coffee, this makes a great diner style burger that takes me back to old school diners in the US.

Please share your recipe?!
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