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Japanese girls first time with a girl - erotic story

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Japanese girls first time with a girl - erotic story
« on: August 27, 2011, 10:04:15 PM »
So, my boyfriend and I have had fmf with this one girl now for a few months. It's been awesome, and I can now with confidence say that I am fully bi-sexual. He's gone back for his last year of grad school, I probably won't see him until xmas, and he gave me permission to carry on with this girl.

She and I had never been together just the two of us. I invited her over last night :) And, she was aware of the situation, the three of us all talked about it.

I made a nice dinner, and it was the MOST romantic date I've ever had. She came wearing a nice new short dress I'd never seen before. Cut low down her back, but tight everywhere almost spandexy. She brought wine :) I felt a little flustered because I didn't really dress up too much. I had on my work clothes, but switch pants to a pair of low cut jeans. I let her in took her wine, she closed the door and leaned against it smiling. I held her hip and we kissed long and slow. She held her hands at her side and moaned softly as I pressed my body against hers and caressed my hand up and down over her hip. I stopped the kiss and pressed my cheek against hers and we stood there with our bodies pressed against each other breathing deeply for what felt like a long time before she reached around and slid her hand up my back under my blouse and kissed me hard, rolling her tongue around mine very passionately.

This was in fact the very kiss we shared outside of the bedroom and it was AWESOME! I put the wine down and kissed down her body until I was kneeling in front of her. I slipped my hands up her legs lifting the hem of her dress to her hips. She wore tiny black panties and I kissed gently back and forth across the hem between her hips as I slipped my hands slowly up and down her waist. I moved lower kissing over and over softly on the panties. She tilted her hips away and pulled me up straightened the dress and just whispered "wait".

I laughed, she laughed, we gave each other a peck on the lips, and I said "Hello". We laughed pretty long.

We proceeded to eat on my patio with the sunset, I grilled a skewer of prawns and served it with baby leeks and a salad from my garden. We shared the wine slowly sitting embraced on my patio flirting, giggling, whispering and kissing in the dark until about midnight.

When we finally made it to the bedroom it was dark, and we slowly undressed each other. We lay naked on the bed under my sexy silk sheet making out for a LONG time. It was so hot, with our hands wandering slowly all over each other, and our legs wrapping around each other and taking turns under each other. I loved being under her wrapping my legs tightly around her pressing my hips against her as we kissed.

Eventually she got to her knees and held my leg up the front of her body while she straddled over my hip and gently started to press our lips together. We were both absolutely soaking wet, but neither of us had touched each other there. She made to love to me like this slowly and passionately. We were both breathing deep and her body was quivering slightly. I reached back and held on to the head board the same way I do when my boyfriend makes love to me in this position. We stayed like this slowly rocking our hips over and over rubbing our clits together moaning loudly for about 10 minutes until I felt her starting to clench up. I opened my eyes excited and reached out to caress her legs and up her breasts, she fell down on top of me moaning and whispered "finger me".

She lied back trembling and I snuggled up beside her gently kissing her neck as I slid my finger down over her clit and slowly into her body holding the pad of my fingertip pressed tight against the front wall. I held it there rubbing and her body started to curl up and her thighs pressed against my hand. I climbed on top of her with my finger inside her kissing her neck as she climaxed hard and long with my finger inside her. I felt her thigh lift between my legs and I started to rub my clit on her thigh climaxed within a few seconds with my finger still inside her and her trembling under me

We wrapped ourselves up in our arms and legs, totally tangled together breathing deep and slowly coming down together. It was about 2 am at this point, and we fell asleep in each others arms.

She just left an hour ago, and I'm still buzzing with excitement. It was the most incredibly erotic sensual sexy experience of my life.

two girls with a lot of experience sharing my boyfriend but only having charged bi sex in front of him made love to each other for the first time alone and it was awesome.